Pooch's Dog Treats

Pooch’s Treats was established in 2009, as a home based business.

We are now based in a beautiful 1,700 sq ft barn, on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. Our Treats are individually baked by a dedicated dog loving team of four. We are passionate about our work and the quality and provenance of our range of treats.

Our aim is to keep our treats low in fat without compromising taste. The meat we use is fresh, collected weekly, and is of a high quality & locally sourced, prepared & trimmed by us. Our biscuits have at least a 40% meat content - hard to beat!

The way we make and bake our products means that we don't have to use and nasty additives, preservatives, flavourings or colourings! But they still have a 6 month life of crunchiness, or you can freeze them and defrost them still crunchy!

We pride ourselves on our Environmental Policy, including our packaging which is Biodegradable - and easily resealable.

Our products are available across the UK, in Italy, Sweden and Germany as well as being sold online.

Pooch's Dog Treats are very popular with dogs as a treat, and can assist with training. Owners are quickly returning to buy some more!

Pooch's are fully regulated through DEFRA & Trading Standards

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@PoochsTreats Aug 23, 11:11

** New Stockists** We are delighted to announce that Pooch's are available from the following places.......... https://t.co/rt9JQCjYvY

@PoochsTreats Aug 22, 16:39

@sandringhamcafe @saffirechocolat @LocalFlavours17 We often pop down for lunch, fantastic food & service. :)

@sandringhamcafe Aug 22, 16:38

Would like to say another big thank you to our new followers! @saffirechocolat @LocalFlavours17 @PoochsTreats

@MusksSausages Aug 22, 13:50

Our next show is @Living_Heritage at #Sandringham 9-10th September https://t.co/rrs8AZlRmH Samples to try, packs to… https://t.co/Ex8w0Jfr9r

@PoochsTreats Aug 21, 09:59

A very younger Freddie Fisher with a Pig 'n' Mix Pooch’s own alternative to carbohydrate loaded doggy cake! A... https://t.co/u93tqjkiL9

@DoggyStyle Aug 21, 05:21

Our organic Paw Balm was formulated for #dogs, but you can use it on your pussy too! DoggyStyle, it's natural.… https://t.co/FRu2UdPtpF

@DoggyStyle Aug 19, 17:24

OMG I'm in the box! ...I'M IN THE BOX!!! Natural fish finger treats and other healthy yummy #dog stuff!… https://t.co/33Nh2NspfA

@PoochsTreats Aug 19, 17:23

Pooch's always available at Walsingham Farms Shop in Heacham & Walsingham, Norfolk! https://t.co/BKnsKJ3qLi

@PoochsTreats Aug 18, 11:42

@DoggyStyle Thank you, DoggieStyle for your excellent service & products. As you can see Ellie is very relaxed post… https://t.co/at41bkGIxi

@PoochsTreats Aug 17, 11:53

Venison Jerky going down well with Sian Ryan at Developing Dogs who was the training and behaviour expert from BBC2… https://t.co/SKAqK3urmP

@PoochsTreats Aug 17, 10:55

Market Weighton. The Pet Shop Market Weighton Ltd all stocked up. :) https://t.co/YdN4242o5v

@PoochsTreats Aug 17, 06:46

Freddie Fisher & of course his Dad took some our new treats on a special day to Sian Ryan's Developing Dogs who... https://t.co/lUF2pp3ZlZ

@DoggyStyle Aug 15, 20:16

@PoochsTreats Three? That'll be some bathtime :) ...Will be on it's way to you first thing.

@PoochsTreats Aug 15, 09:28

@DoggyStyle Just ordered some shampoo for our three. :)

@DoggyStyle Aug 15, 08:02

DoggyStyle is natural, #Organic pH balanced #dog Shampoo & Paw Balm. Unique formulas fully lab tested and certified… https://t.co/NLVl5LNg3W

@DoggyStyle Aug 15, 08:02

https://t.co/46zRGXFwJa A social network for #dog owners and professionals to interact, promote, learn and have fun… https://t.co/iqSY80S8XG

@PoochsTreats Aug 15, 08:01

Thank you for the order, would love to hear back when Macy tries the Beef Chew, a new treat for us but 100% natural… https://t.co/XKTdgj3ZLF

@houseofhenryuk Aug 15, 04:18

Hi @TheoPaphitis Personalised gifts for dogs/dog lovers designed/printed inhouse https://t.co/ENplDiAF1s #sbs https://t.co/4uzcjMKy7Y

@D2DPetSupplies Aug 14, 17:55

Some more of the delicious @PoochsTreats arrived for our customer's, yum yum. https://t.co/a1tXjXpFFz

@PoochsTreats Aug 14, 17:54

You will find Pooch's Treats for sale at the fantastic Burnham Market Craft Fair, this coming Saturday.....Just... https://t.co/vlyGnFd9Oh

@eadie11 Aug 14, 10:33

We are so lucky to live in #Norfolk beaches everywhere at the drop of a hat 👌🏼🌞 https://t.co/4QFOXMkpAi

@PoochsTreats Aug 14, 09:52

We were sent this over the weekend, the very cute and adorable 'Izzy' demonstrating just how to knaw on a Pooch's... https://t.co/NXta8vpruO

@PoochsTreats Aug 11, 13:17

Two Weekly Draw Results First two drawn are the gorgeous....... Boomer & Toby. Please email us at... https://t.co/F85KN0jPjo

@PoochsTreats Aug 03, 16:08

Wells-next-the-Sea Beach Cafe have been nominated for a 'Dog friendly award' a fantastic place to visit with the... https://t.co/IxqZu9XTqJ

@D2DPetSupplies Aug 03, 05:49

The handsome Monty testing out the @PoochsTreats Beef Chew. Looks like he is enjoying it very much! 😀 https://t.co/euxeV0iyAU

@PoochsTreats Aug 02, 15:57

Just too gorgeous for words! https://t.co/7iPXhSnt5F https://t.co/uDplJo2TgQ

@PoochsTreats Aug 01, 11:55

Pooch's Treats Gluten Free Chicken & Rice Stix! Fresh minced East Anglian RSPCA approved Chicken… https://t.co/dK8sI2b1Rs

@PoochsTreats Jul 31, 09:42

poochs_treatsPooch's Dog Treats Bones Range #handmade #freshmeat #noadditives #nopreservatives #nosalt #nosugarshttps://t.co/lsu3CKJSSP

@PoochsTreats Jul 28, 19:10

Happy 8th Birthday Jenson! :) https://t.co/Ge0Je3Y3gs

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